GENERAL CONCEPT Giver is Android application which helps users to make Instagram contests easy way.

For example: Instagram video blogger make a post and say:

"users who liked this post by day X will be contest participants with prize of 2 tickets in cool cinema theatre".

Then users liking this post and at the day X contest author recording video where he
runs Giver application and pressing "GET WINNER" button - to randomly get the contest winner
and contact him by pressing "CONTACT" button wich runs winner user's Instagram page to
discuss how to get the prize.

This privacy policy describes how Giver application collecting and processing user personal data like
login, password, Instagram access token or Instagram account info like profile image.
PERSONAL DATA USAGE Giver application uses official Instagram login web page to authorize user and get user access token.
User access token is used for:
1. Getting authorized Instagram user profile image and name
2. Getting authorized Instagram user recent posted media
3. Getting Instagram users who liked authorized Instagram user post

User profile image url and name used only for displaying in application left menu to indicate
current application user.

User recent posted media only used to pick one media post and get users who liked this media
to randomly choose one contest winner.

Access token is not stored in persistent mobile device memory like local application database or preferences.
Access token used only in application runtime variable and it cleared when user exit application.

Giver not storing or sending to third party services user login or password.
Giver not storing or sending to third party services any contest participants Instagram account data.

Any questions about Giver application are welcome to